Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How can you purchase Luxury Furniture from Bricto?

You can choose your favourite designs from our catalogue that consists 1000+ Unique designs or share your design/concept that you have.we can also manufacture that.You may order on Whatsapp or over a phone call or directly visit our factory or Corporate office that is located in Kirti Nagar, New Delhi.

Can we Purchase any Furniture from your catalogue instantly?

Since we have over 1000+ designs in our catalogue, we take prior orders from our clients, customize them as per their needs and necessity and manufacture them within our premises. Therefore, you will have to place your order and it is not readily available for sale.


We usually manufacture furniture in Bulk to Interior designers and Architects. However, due to massive response from our Delhi/NCR-based clients, we take single/small orders too so that our clients can enjoy luxury furniture at an affordable cost.

How can you make the payment?

You can place Orders online with an advance payment of 50% of the total cost of your favorite design from our catalogue through UPI/Netbanking.

You can also visit our factory or store to order your furniture.

Once the furniture is ready, you can visit our Experience center and check the Quality and then make the remaining payment.

Customer satisfaction is our prime objective. Once you are satisfied, you can pay the remaining 50% and we will dispatch the furniture to your doorstep.

What about the cartage and packing of the furniture?

Packaging and Cartage will be completely undertaken by our in-house team in such a manner that the furniture that you have ordered will be delivered to your doorstep without a single scratch. Be rest assured about the hassle-free delivery through our trusted delivery partners. Cartage is extra as per actual.

In which parts of the city or country can we deliver your furniture?

Our delivery partners can safely deliver the furniture at your doorstep anywhere in India.We also have international delivery partners who safely export our furniture to our clients in the US, UK, Canada and Dubai.

What is the assurance that we will deliver whatever you order?

We have been manufacturing Luxury Furniture for more than 900+ clients for the last 13 years. Our client base includes Celebrities like Indian cricketer Suresh Raina ji, Honourable MP Randeep Biswal ji (Former IPL Chairman), so on and so forth. We give the exact timeline for the completion of your furniture when you place the order. You can visit our Experience center and witness the quality before placing your orders.

Can we cancel or modify the product once ordered?

Unfortunately, you cannot modify or cancel the product once you place the order because we have a strict policy of initiating the manufacturing process as soon as you place your order. Therefore, we do not entertain cancellation of orders.

Do you have Vendors from whom you procure your furniture?

No. BRICTO does not have any tie-up or affiliation with any of the Vendors because we have an in-house team of professional furniture designers who design and kickstart the manufacturing process in our own factory.

What is the estimated duration for completion of the Furniture order that you place?

The estimated time duration would depend on the Exquisite design or Unique concept that you choose and the Volume of your order. Since we do not compromise on quality, we do not hurry on completion. However, we will give you a timeline that we strictly adhere to.

What if you order multiple products?

You can choose to have delivery collectively or depending on the completion of units. For Example, if you have ordered a Leather Sofa and Ivory Joy Bed, you can wait until the completion of both furniture or choose to get Leather Sofa as soon as it is completed and then get the bed delivered to your doorstep.

Do we provide on-site installation of Luxurious Furniture that would match your Interiors?

Yes. We can help you with the installation of the furniture. If your home is located within the NCR region, Installation will be free of cost. If it is located outside NCR, reasonable charges shall be applicable for the Installation process.

Do we provide any Warranty for luxury furniture?

Yes. We provide a 5 years warranty for every piece of furniture you order. However, a warranty shall not be applicable in case of any damage or wear and tear of the Upholstery material.

Do we send our Furniture experts for measurement purposes on-site?

Yes, we have a Professional Customer executive team that is responsible to take measurements of your furniture requirements with the right dimensions, quality, and color that would sync with your Interiors.

Do we provide consultation for the selection of the right furniture for your home?

Yes, we have a team of highly trained interior designers and project managers who can help you in the selection of the furniture, upholstery, designs, etc.

Do we provide interior designing facilities for your Dream home?

Yes. We provide high-quality Interior designing services where we start with measurements and creation of 8k Virtual reality with 360° panoramas of your house so that you can visualize your dream home before purchasing the Furniture and Interiors.

Do we execute Unique wall concepts to make your home luxurious?

Yes, we have exclusive Italian wall concepts that are cushioning on the wall along with glamourous polishing, vineer on the wall with Polish, POP molding designs, imported panels, etc. It will be designed and executed by our in-house professional Interior designers.

What about turnkey interior designing projects?

Yes. We ensure Holistic interior designing along with Turnkey projects to transform your house into a living home with soft luxurious cushioned furniture with exclusive wall concepts that will suit your personality.